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Japanse Streetwear

Japanse Streetwear

Are you looking for cool anime fashion? Then you are at the right place at MeganeMerch! From sweaters and t-shirt to pants and accessories, as an anime lover you can incorporate this hobby into your personal style. Fun for yourself or to give as a present to a friend who loves anime.

Anime Clothing For Men

In recent years, anime and manga has become increasingly popular in the West and we understand that very well! Anime is versatile, exciting, moving and funny and you quickly become completely involved with your favorite characters. How cool is it when you can also dress in anime style? Our clothing really comes from Japan, where many people are under the spell of anime and where it is a real lifestyle. We understand that it is not possible for everyone to fly to Japan and experience how people deal with manga and anime, which is why we bring this vibe and original merchandise to the Netherlands for you! This way you will have your original and cool anime clothing at home in a maximum of 10 working days (but usually even a bit faster).


Anime Clothing For Women

Super kawaii! Many of the items in our shop are unisex, which means they can be worn by both men and women. Especially for women, there are cute and soft crop tops with various beautiful prints. The t-shirts are soft, lightweight and contain just the right amount of stretch. This not only makes you look super nice, but you also feel comfortable and at ease in your outfit. The pleasant garments are made of high-quality materials for the best quality. Do you like what you see? Then don't forget to follow us on social media to stay up to date with everything we do. Do you tag us in your photos?


About MeganeMerch

MeganeMerch is an online fashion store founded by three guys from the Netherlands. Since early 2019, we, Takeshi, Yuta and Phu, have started our brand to bring more pop culture to the scene. To be specific, MeganeMerch is inspired by Japanese culture, not to mention anime! With this brand, we want you to be able to show your commitment to Japanese streetwear and anime fashion. Because it is not feasible for everyone to fly to Japan, we want to bring the experience closer through anime clothing!