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Anime Kleding

Anime Kleding

Are you looking for anime fashion but do not want to do go all the way to Japan? That is not necessary for anything! At MeganeMerch we have selected the coolest Japanese streetwear for you that you can order easily and quickly in the webshop. Take a look at the unique T-shirts, hoodies and cool accessories.

Inspired by Japanese culture
MeganeMarch is inspired by Japanese culture and, as you will soon see when you check out the items, by anime! With these items you can really bring out your love for anime. Our name is derived from the Japanese word for glasses 'megane' and merchandise, 'merch'. The main reason we chose MeganeMerch as our name is because anime characters with glasses are just genius. Take a quick look at the wide range and embrace your inner weeb!

Unisex collection
Most items in the collection are suitable for both men and women. For a looser fit Buy your T-shirt or hoodie just one size bigger. The cool crop tops are especially for women. We want you to feel good in your clothes and therefore only choose items of the highest quality. All garments consist of 100% cotton. This makes the T-shirts and sweaters soft, lightweight and breathable. Cotton is also a material that remains beautiful and lasts for a long time. This way you will enjoy your purchase for a long time. The T-shirts and hoodies are easy to combine with other items in your wardrobe, so you can always put together a new outfit. Your outfit is of course not complete without the right accessories, like a cheery bag or a cool cap. Do your friends love anime that much? Ask them to take a look at our webshop!

MM Community
We think it's great to see you in our clothes. Be sure to follow us on Instagram and don't forget to tag us when you're wearing your new outfit. By the way, we are regularly looking for individuals who would love to engage in a dialogue with a community of passionate fans of anime, Japanese Aesthetics and Streetwear. Do you think your Instagram profile can match this and do you think it would be fun? Send us a message. Maybe there is a nice collaboration!