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[Naruto Real Life VFX Tailed Beast Bomb!]

By: :Takeshi Mitsuo 4 comments
[Naruto Real Life VFX Tailed Beast Bomb!]

Naruto Real Life Tailed Beast Bomb!

So as you all know, we are a clothing brand! Duh ;P. Well, I and my good friends within the business have more than just the passion of selling custom made clothing. We also got a beloved passion for making anime style real-life video edits, involving special effects!!

I've been a huge fan of Naruto for pretty much all my life. Of all abilities in the Naruto franchise, I found the tailed beast bomb one of the most interesting looking!

So as a intermediate SFX video editor, I decided to recreate it!! 😎

Take a look

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Why VFX anime powers and short clips?

Me Being a VFX Artist and Clothing Brand Manager

Since I have many skills I'm proud of, I'd like to get people from the anime community involved with that. What I mean is, I'd like to involve real-life anime special effects video's to the brand. :) So in the near future we will release even more exciting and professional anime edits like this one! Future videos will also be about the products we already have and will release in the near future!

VFX Video Edit & Ambassador requests

We give all our fans the opportunity to get their own unique anime video edit! You just shoot a video of a certain anime power you love, send it to me and i will recreate the ability as efficient as possible.

If you like this idea, just apply for brand ambassador by clicking this link: MM Brand Ambassador

Well, let me know what you all thing of this idea by commenting below! 

Takeshi ❤

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Oct 26, 2020


Oct 26, 2020


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Jul 12, 2020


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