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Megane Merch X Plushies

By: :Takeshi Mitsuo 0 comments
Megane Merch X Plushies

Megane Merch X Plushies

Finally our first new merch asset. PLUSHIES! All the way from Japan we finally introduce you to our high quality kawaii plushies. :3

Our main plushie themes!

- Kuma Plushies(Bear plushies)

- Neko Plushies(Cat Plushies)

- Animal Plushies

- Anime Series Plushies

💟These are the branches we mainly import and deliver to you :3💟

Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing is one of the themes we released in the first wave! Hope ya'll gonna love the soft Tom Nook Plush :p

Neko Plush

For the First wave we released neko's like Hello Kitty and the Nagaaaii Neko Chan(Loooong Cat). These are the most premium plushies we got on the shop!❤💟


Sanrio Kuromi Plush

I mean who doesn't like Kuromi. 💀💟❤


Hope to full your hearts with cuteness and joy with this new release! <3




Takeshi <3

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